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Critical Notes on Moishe Postone

Sonntag, Dezember 9th, 2012

Just as a heads up, the blog Reification of Persons and Personification of Things has published a series of critical observations on Moishe Postone that are very worth reading.

Part 1,Part 2,,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 5a,Part 6,Part 7,Part 8,Part 9, and Conclusion.

I just finished TLSD. As you’ve probably noticed I had my problems with it. I don’t want to go over them in detail again as they are available elsewhere on this blog. Instead I want to focus on two points: how the context of TLSD publication and Postone’s argumentative strategy make it seem more singular than it deserves and how money may have addressed what I saw as the gap in Postone’s analysis between structure, action, valorization and reproduction.

Regarding the first point as I signaled in my first post on re-reading TLSD, Postone’s work is not as singular as it presents itself. This is certainly true of the main points that he makes in his reinterpretation of the central categories in part one of Capital. What I rate as better analyses of these categories were already available in English in the works of Rubin and essays by Arthur, Backhaus, Reichelt, Open Marxism, Banaji etc. In addition there was 20 odd year of German scholarship to say nothing of Japanese value theory. All of this is obscured by Postone’s strategy of separating himself from all heretofore existing ‘traditional Marixsts.’